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Our Story

All Girlz, formally, Sistahood Society of Southern Nevada, realized there is a much greater purpose for our service in the community. The decision to make a change in the nonprofit’s mission and vision, came after encountering a troubled teenage girl sitting in intake of the Child Protective Services office in handcuffs at 6 AM. She was angry, hurt, scared, and in full rage. Having worked 14 1/2 years with at-risk kids, it struck a cord with me. I remembered all too well about the youth, particularly girls, in lock up. They came, went, and returned until they aged out and were at-risk of entering into the adult prison system. Between 2008 to 2018, women’s jail populations grew 15 percent.

With the officer’s permission, I sat and talked with the young girl about her situation.
HER-story was common to many troubled and at-risk girls, especially those in juvenile detention centers.

At 15-year-old, she was a run-away, a mother of two, dropped out of school, juvenile record, smoke marijuana, an absent mother on drugs and in and out of prison, a distant relationship with her father, and little to no positive support system. Stereotypically, society has already marked her a “failure”.

Troubled and at-risk young girls are in need of intervention, prevention and advocacy in order to deter adjudication, prevent recidivism, and discourage them from entering the adult prison system. All Girlz is stepping up to help troubled and at-risk girls avoid these life changing situations by providing healing, growth, leadership, mentoring, and opportunities to succeed. More importantly, they will learn to believe in themselves again and know that they matter.

Why We Do It


Leigh M. McGinest

Executive Director
Youth Programs

Leigh was born in San Pedro, California and raised in Austin, Texas. She is the youngest of 6 siblings and 1st to graduate college in her family. A University of Texas, El Paso alumnus, she has a Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies Degree in Business Management, Legal Studies, & Social Science.

Leigh started her career working in the Juvenile Justice System in 2006, where she gained her greatest compassion and empathy working with at-risk youth. With a combined 14 1/2 years experience working in juvenile justice probation/detention, youth transitional housing and an in-house behavioral and mental health treatment center for youth, she’s using her skills to serve and advocate for troubled and at-risk girls.

Leigh knows all too well about overcoming adversities and challenges in life. As a newborn, she contracted Spinal Meningitis while in the hospital. It left her with a learning disability and slight/minor hearing impairment in her right and left ear. Her mother was told she’d never walk, talk, retain things she learned, and certainly would never attend college. She rose to the challenge and overcame all the things she was told she’d never accomplish. She is a domestic violence and homeless survivor. Her perseverance can not be defeated.

When she’s not devoting her time to the nonprofit, she works part-time as a Family Service Specialist with Child Protective Services.

Board Members

Veronica L. Shealy


Patrice Rideout, MSW

Director of Social Services

Our Team

Sameerah Walker

Prorgramming Specialist

Imani Mitchell

Prorgramming Specialist


Understanding the importance of long-term sustainability, All Girlz’s staff and board are constantly developing and implementing plans to diversify our funding. We are confident we will be able to increase our programmatic and organizational sustainability collectively implementing the following practices:

Strengthening both board and staff’s fundraising capacity through professional development opportunities
Building and sustaining relationships with other local foundations
Developing stronger ties to local corporations as well as to small businesses
Improving and innovating on our special events in order to bring in more revenues
Evolving our annual mailing campaign through innovative donor-centric communication
Expanding our individual donor cultivation activities, and
Exploring earned-income strategies

We believe that through a robust fundraising plan combined with an organizational culture of philanthropy, All Girlz will be able to sustain, expand, and scale its program to effectively serve the community for the long-term.

Where To Find Us

…because every girl should believe she matters.

In accordance with Internal Revenue Service requirements, we confirm that the All Girlz dba Sistahood Society of Southern Nevada, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. All Girlz’ Federal Tax ID is 85-3667306. Please see our gift acceptance policy here.

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