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Can we leave a message?

Do you wish to enroll your child into the Unplugged peer-to-peer talk program?

Confidentiality Notice for Parents

We strongly believe that for the program to be helpful to an adolescent, there needs to be as much confidentiality for them as possible. That is, unless the issue falls into the following categories…

  • Your child is clearly unsafe or at risk of harming themselves.
  • Your child is at risk of being harmed by anyone else.
  • Your child is at risk of harming someone else.

As mandatory reporters, we are required to disclose information to law enforcement or juvenile justice court. Outside of this, we will encourage your child to express herself freely, and assure her that there will be confidentiality provided to her in throughout the program. We need your child to be open and honest with us in order to understand where intervention and prevention is needed. She may be too scared, angry, or ashamed right now to share those issues with you. We recognize it is very important for you to know what your daughter is going through in order to do your job as a parent, which is why we will always encourage her to be honest with you. We will encourage, prepare and support your daughter so that she feel safe enough to share those issues with you, and we are happy to facilitate family meetings whenever helpful and appropriate.

…because every girl should believe she matters.

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