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We Do It For Them

A study of 4-H programs (programs provide youth outreach opportunities by connecting youth to their communities.) looked at how positive influences in the lives of youth help protect against problem behaviors. The study included approximately 4,000 youth, from nearly all 50 states, with various levels of involvement and concluded that youth consistently engaged in 4-H were found to be at much lower risk of having personal, social, and behavioral problems than other youth. Compared to their peers, youth involved in 4-H programs excel in several areas –


Intervening in the lives of girls at-risk of entering the juvenile justice system.


Preventing recidivism or waiver of girls already in the juvenile justice system.


Advocating for the vulnerability, safety, rights and equailty of girls in the community.


The home should be a place of comfort and guidance, where troubled girls can find peace away from the pressures of teen life. When home life is disrupted, girls start to act out in risky ways, the parent-child relation becomes distant & parents may feel a sense of lost of control. All Girlz is here to help parents and their daughter(s) navigate through these challenging times.


Youth become involved with the juvenile justice system due to delinquency or committing a criminal act. Some encounter the system for status offenses that are illegal only because of their age (truancy, underage drinking, & running away from home). Whether pre- or post- adjudication, All Girlz will advocate & support girls throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcome.


Every aspect of a girl’s life affects her ability to learn and succeed in school. Peers, family, school, community, social media and technology are all contributing factors that influence her motivation and inspire her to learn. However, girls affected by conflict & crisis encounter more obstacles in school. We must invest in resources and policies that help prevent these obstacles.


With the leadership and commitment of the community and local leaders, we can take significant steps toward reducing risk factors (drugs, delinquency, dropping out of school, & teen pregnancy) and strengthen protective factors (opportunities, recognition, & exposure) throughout a young girl’s development. When obstacles and barriers are eliminated, we promote healthy, pro-social growth in girls.

Programs & Services

All Girlz provide programs and services to girls between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. Our purpose is carried out in a manner that does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, religion, age, weight, height, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability, or other defining characteristic that may or may not be protected by law.

Intervention & Prevention


Problem Solving
& Cognitive Competence

Improved Adult
& Peer Relationships

Enhanced Interpersonal

Reduced Problem


Boomerang is an intervention and prevention program for troubled and at-risk girls faced with internal struggles that’s leading to risky behavior and poor decision making practices that may potentially result in adjudication.  Boomerang is an all-in-one program that consists of mentoring, life skills training, tutoring, community service, trauma care, job skills development, self care and leadership. The program aims to help girls overcome obstacles and barriers that deters them from a quality education,  growth, healing, self-confidence, and opportunities to succeed in life.


All Girlz’s mentoring program serves as a method of intervention and prevention. Our goal is to build resilience, promote positive behavior, inspire growth, and encourage healthy attitudes in girls. More so, instill in them the belief that they are important and they matter.


All Girlz will expose girls to a wide range of leadership professions, provide skill development training that will boost their confidence, inspire them to exercise the power of their voice, overcome gender stereotypes, and promote collaboration &  solidarity among other girls.


Ensuring that the physical and emotional safety of girls are addressed is the first important step to providing trauma informed care. All Girlz will connect participants to an experienced and well trained therapist to treat underlying, mental and emotional problems.


There is no such thing as an unmotivated individual [Hamby, 1995]. All Girlz will encourage girls to stay in school & help alleviate roadblocks that prevent them from doing well. We will provide tutoring to help with credit recovery, maintain classroom pace, and passing grades.

Life Skills

All Girlz will help girls avoid the inherent statics that surround their situation. We will provide them with the tools to develop core life skills in the areas of financial literacy, employment, education, stable living, and social capital, plus, set and achieve their personal goals


All Girlz offer a mediation alternative that promotes healthy communication between parents and their daughters. All too often, relationship conflicts are potentially faced with high-risk behaviors such as running away, breaching rules and breakdown of the parent-child relationship. Mediation offers an opportunity of conflict resolution to promote understanding in order to resolve the issues within. It is most useful in situations where behaviors presented by girls are clearly underlining symptoms of internal or external struggles.

…workshops, community service, job readiness, fieldtrips, peer-to-peer interaction and more.

Three Benefits of Peer-To-Peer Therapy

Reduced feelings
of isolation

Peer Wisdom is Magical

Motivation to deal with internal struggles


Unplugged is a peer-to-peer chat session that provides troubled and at-risk girls with the opportunity to share their internal struggles with others and develop strategies to navigate their feelings. When girls realize they are not alone in their feelings and that they have ideas that can help each other, they naturally feel empowered. In peer-to-peer chat, girls discover a feeling of relief and hope in talking with other teens experiencing similar situations in their lives. Girls realize their struggles are normal.







Girls In Crisis

All Girlz is committed to advocating for the vulnerability, safety, rights, and equality of all girls in the community. We will help young girls understand their legal rights and empower them through self-advocacy to use their voice for personal development and change within their community.

Through coordinated efforts with schools, juvenile courts, home and the community, we will ensure girls needs are being met and rights are upheld.

Mediation Resolve

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and structured conflict resolution process where disputing parties meet with one another with an unbiased mediators to talk through their concerns, listen to each other and come to a mutual resolution that’s satisfactory to both parties involved. Participating parties may include parent-child, school-child, community-child, and or court-child mediation. The mediation process empowers disputing parties by allowing them to actively participate taking full responsibility for resolving their concerns.

Mediation Resolve is also designed to divert girls from the Juvenile Justice System.


All Girlz counts on the generosity of our donors to support our mission. Through your in-kind donations, you enable us able to provide programs and services to trouble and at-risk girls in the community. Collectively can make a difference.

…because every girl should believe she matters.

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